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She leapt onto the stage with all the sensuality and fury that she had the previous night. I kissed her back, but felt a little cheated that I didnt get the words out. I was very nicely stoned and half pissed and so was sexylilstudent webcam so when the opportunity came to explore further I took it. Are you ready to go?” “Yes, just let me get my purse and we’ll… is that a limo?” “Your chariot awaits, my lady.” I had practiced that line for a week. Id drifted between jobs for the last five years as a means to an end sexylilstudent porn now at 23 I was beginning to realise Id never found a career that I wanted to pursue long term. I have lurked on Literotica for years and with this story I try to repay the many talented writers I have read here on this site. I quickly moved across the studio and locked the door then got back to Joann to watch the jacket come off.